Deploying React apps in AWS Amplify with a few clicks

These days most tech companies have moved services to the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform is at the top of the list of prominent cloud service providers globally. AWS offers thousands of services and goods to build serverless, fast, scalable, secure online and mobile apps.; Amplify is one of them.

By offering libraries, frameworks, CLI tools, and cloud services, AWS Amplify is a helpful tool that helps developers to host and construct full-stack apps in the front-end and the back-end on AWS with only a few clicks.

Now let’s see step by step:

Step1. Let’s Go to the AWS console and search Amplify. Amplify Hosting, which hosts full-stack apps, and Amplify Studio, which lets users create apps from the ground up, are the two services it offers. Now that we’re hosting our app, Amplify Hosting is actually a buddy of ours. So let’s start tackling it.

Consider your alternatives after picking enhance. There are various alternatives available to you if you wish to host your app using the current code. You can host from Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, and AWS code commit. Deploying an app without git is also an option, and there are three ways to achieve it: drag and drop, from an AWS S3 bucket, or from a specified URL. I would now host my program on Github.

Step2. First, need to provide AWS access Github account. My local PC has already updated my remote repository. From my Github account, I can choose the repository I want to deploy, accept the default build parameters, and then click Next. I’m deploying from the repository’s main branch.

Step3. After carefully reviewing all the information, clicked the magic button to save and deploy. Waited for a while, then go on.

Each time posting code to Github, Amplify builds the app automatically. All I need to do to update things is create code and push it in remotely.

The best part about it is that I don’t have to waste time maintaining the application infrastructure; instead, I can concentrate on what’s important to users: giving the best experience.

Rahman Mahbubur : AWS enthusiast and React,React Native developer



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